I’m so glad you stopped by, let me introduce myself….

I am so glad you wanted to find out a bit more about me. I am an agent of change, a rule breaker, a freethinker, a writer, a coach, an educator, an entrepreneur, a woman with soul, and of course, a badass human. I wake up each day with a desire to make the world a little bit better and I am fully committed to equitable living conditions, education, and life for all humans. I challenge the notion that life and work have to look a certain way and I am dedicated to changing the status quo and proving to humans and the world that you can design and live the life that best suits you and your family. Life’s too short to be miserable so I choose to wake each day with a smile ready to greet the world with a heart full of laughter and a soul full of love.

I was born and raised in a small town in Utah but never really felt ‘at home’ there. I later moved to Washington State and new that’s where I wanted to raise my kiddos. I am a fulfilled single mom of two beautiful childre. I met their biological father in high school and married him 4 days after my 18th birthday. The marriage quickly turned abusive and when my daughter was 3 and my son was still in utero I chose to leave. It was a long and trying divorce and the day it was finally legal I was also diagnosed with cancer. The next year of my life was my Hell on Earth. I was a newly single mom of two children with a scary diagnosis. I worked my ass off to make ends meet but it never felt like enough. I fantasized about a better way of life but never really felt like I deserved it.

Being told you might die really puts life into perspective for you. I chose to really find myself and create a better life for my kids and I. It was hard, it almost killed me, but after years of struggle, education, and thousands of dollars spent I was able to discover all I know now. I began working with physically and sexually abused woman at my community women’s shelter and felt an overwhelming desire to do more good in the world. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and then a Masters Degree in Administration, Instructional Leadership, and Curriculum design. I now live my dream life. I am able to work from home (or anywhere with Wifi really), travel the world with my tiny humans and live the life I created without financial stress or burnout.

I promised myself that when I broke free from the darkness I would do everything in my power to make sure that other humans would not have to suffer as long as I did. That is why I started life coaching.

I have a passion for helping soulful humans be the best they can be. I firmly believe that this life is good and that we can have all we want in this world if only we believe it is ours for the taking. It is my promise to help those who are ready for their dream life, start to create it.

Nikyla Maria