Shadow PLAY

It’s not a Rebirth. It’s not a Death. It’s a remembering of all that you are.

Join me on an inner journey diving deep into the shadows, descending the kundalini energy into the darkness and depths of our Soul. As we embrace the deepest darkest corners of our being we merge with the light and PLAY!.

Do you desire a deep and unconditional love for yourself?

Are you tired of biting your tongue or filtering your message?

This profound journey into both the darkness and the light will bring the entirety of your being into harmony once and for all!

  • Are you ready to step into the truth permanently? 
  • Have you done the deep inner work but are still riddled with moments of doubt, shame, and unworthiness? 
  • Are you struggling to be your FULL self?
  • Does the idea of Surrender seem like a nice concept but FEELS like the struggle of a lifetime to implement?

The shadow self is the home to all of our negative attitudes and feelings. It is our defense against pain, it is the way we disconnect from ourselves and others, the way we hurt ourselves and others. The shadow self is the way we numb out, the way we abuse, the way we neglect (ourselves and others).

Our shadows cause us to see ourselves as separate from others, better than or less than others. We project different roles onto others based on our own wounding.  We treat them badly, write a story about them in our minds and treat them accordingly, despite it being unfair and undeserved.

The shadow self can show up in many ways but for many, it shows up as

Jealousy, competitiveness, tendency to be critical, or greedy.  These intense but low vibrational energies can cause you to act out of revenge, betrayal, abandonment, and despair.

The shadow self shows up out of a deep need for control and to maintain separateness. It’s a form of protection.  Connection and authentic relationships can seem impossible.

Ultimately the shadow self is anything that gets in the way of our flow, our god essence, our divine energy, our true essence. The shadow self keeps us in the struggles and misery.

This is why SHADOW P.L.A.Y. is so powerful. Through this powerful course you will embrace, accept, heal and integrate all parts of your shadow so that rather than weighing you down it begins to propel you forward into your light!

Join me for an exclusive event, Shadow P.LA.Y. 

This powerful virtual program will allow you to embrace each and every part of yourself, activating your inner essence as awakening the power within. 

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Through 8-weeks together we are going to journey into the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves, learn more about the darkness that dwells within.. And as we accept and embrace it we learn to integrate the darkness into the light finding perfect balance, harmony, and most importantly we set our authentic selves free! Allowing you to stand fully in your truth. 

Society has demonized and shamed many natural parts of human behavior including truth telling, sexuality, spirituality and spiritual gifts, intimate relationships with self, innovation, loud and opinionated voices, and so much more. We have learned to listen to that subliminal shame and the magic was slowly buried deep within. 

Maybe you’ve noticed the screams from within lately, that wild being deep within begging to be let out, to be set free! I feel you babe, and I know you are tired… SO fucking tired of burying the real you, tired of trying to be someone you’re not, tired of the shame and fear that comes when you think of being who you long to be. 

I am here to tell you… IT’S SAFE to be who you are! If you are ready to go on a dark and twisty inward journey, and set yourself free…

Part 1

Shadow P.L.A.Y.

Week 1: The Darkness Within

Week 2: Understanding Shame

Week 3: The Wounded Inner Child

Week 4: Facing & Embracing our Monster’s

Part 2

Light P.L.A.Y.

Week 5: Weaving of Dark & Light

Week 6: Reclaiming Innocence

Week 7: Experimenting with LOVE

Week 8: with the Universe

Why Shadow Work? 

Getting to the Root of the Issues

So many men and women are trapped by feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness without even knowing it. Society, parents, religions, you name it has created a mold they want you to fit in. Any parts of you that don’t fit perfect… are compressed down and shoved into the darkest parts of our mind. These supressed parts of ourselves become restless over time..

  • Deep anger or even rage.
  • Inability to trust yourself fully.
  • Denial of your gifts and creativity.
  • Unhealthy addictions or coping mechanisms.
  • Shoving down your feelings to appease others.
  • Feelings of unworthiness, fear and doubt with no real explanation.
  • Attracting the same type of unhealthy relationships over and over again.
  • Eating disorders- over eating or under eating.
  • Anxiety and depression.

How Will You Benefit?

As a result of my work my clients have:

  • Began to live from a place of deep peace
  • Were no longer triggered by the behavior of others
  • Found more energy and passion for life.
  • Learned to love themselves.
  • Found an internal desire to lead healthy and whole lives.
  • Healed from generational trauma
  • Welcomed in massive amounts of money
  • Experienced a deeper feeling of trust and intimacy in their relationships
  • Learned to set healthy boundaries and speak their truth
  • Healed from physical exhaustion and fatigue
  • Overcome patterns of deep anxiety and depression
  • And so much more!

I’ve created a way to bring my powerful tools to anyone desiring to heal. You will be guided on a powerful Shadow Self Journey where you will learn about your shadow self and his or her core woundings.

💀 You will learn powerful techniques and activations to accept, embrace, and heal your shadow self.

💀 You will be lead through powerful meditations and intentional internal dialogue that will allow you to cultivate a relationship with your shadow self.

💀 You will have time and guidance as you reflect on your experience with your Shadow Play Workbook & Inner Child Scrapbook (included with course)

And as we round out the program you will

  • Embrace your Divine Sexuality as you live life in a state of pleasure and bliss. 
  • Learn to create abundance and bliss in both your internal and external world
  • Learn to PLAY with the Universe and create the magic you were destined to create!
  • Be at home in and of your self once and for all!

Welcome to the Tribe

Nikyla Maria
Radical Transformation

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Nikyla Maria and I guide men and women all over the world to remember who they truly are with High-Impact Spiritual Technique, Energy Healing and more.

I am a master of trauma, shadow & inner child work. After overcoming my own dark & twisty thoughts I became deeply interested in finding a way to permanently let go of old stories and self-punishment.

Shadow Integration is a sacred act and should only be done with the most gentle and compassionate care. Using my Masters Degree in Child Development and education, certification in advanced energy healing and shamanism, trauma recovery certification, IFS (internal family stems training, breath work, and Shamanic Meditation I’ve developed a way for my clients to experience deep and dare I say permanent healing.

My life is proof that radical transformation is possible when you begin to choose you and open your mind to new perspectives. I am passionate about helping others make the same shift I did. I see your light, I see your love, I see your truth.

For the last ten years I have studied, personal growth, self love, meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual healing. I have a Masters Degrees in Child Development, curriculum design and education. I am a Master Shaman through the Rainbow Warriors of Light in New Zealand, Spiritual Healer. I have devoted my life to studying Internal Family Systems, PTSD and Trauma recovery, and inner child wounding patterns. If you are looking to heal once and for all I AM THEE RIGHT PERSON FOR YOU!

I invite you to journey with me as integrate both the light and the dark remember who you really are.

One Time Fee of $666

* Payment Plans Available *

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What My Clients Say…

I started working with Nikyla because my personal life was simply out of control. I was having some deep emotional pain and just praying about it wasn’t cutting it. I had so many things I had buried and I needed someone to help me unravel so I could walk in freedom.

My greatest takeaways were I learned how to love. Not only myself but also others. My marriage and my relationship with my sons has completely changed since working with her. We are able to communicate and love each other and this has been priceless.

I would recommend Nikyla because she is hands down the best coach. She is compassionate, doesn’t make you feel bad,  and has not only changed my life but my business has exploded!

Keysha BassBadass Business Owner and Youtube Queen

Working with Nikyla has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Challenging because you are going to have to go through the layers within yourself. I had a lot of trauma…sexual trauma, relationship trauma, childhood trauma, religion trauma. She has been very loving, trusting, patient, encouraging and never did I have to face ANYTHING by myself. I have been able to get emotionally naked with her and that shit is not easy at all, it’s rather painful. Nikyla’s  Love is SO unconditional, it always makes the process bearable.  We have done deep healing together because she never let me feel anything by myself. Im better because of Her and the Love, wisdom, tools and coaching I have received from her. She has taught me how to show up for myself.

Her love runs deep. You will not be able to hide, quit or not show up for yourself with her at all and when you are sorting through darkness you want to do ALL of the above. You cant run. Facing and sorting through pain is not an easy process but her cure of love, knowledge and insight your going to vibrate higher.

My life is not the same because of the way she has made me challenge myself to become whole. There is no issue you won’t be able to face. I’ve never cried so many ugly tears in my life. She even had to coach me in crying (real shit) I would try and suppress my pain when trying to release it. I’ve actually never been okay with crying and had anger issues that she’s given me tools process. I’m am making strides of progress with her. I am forever grateful for connecting paths with her

Your life will never be the same
7⭐️ Quality service, love and care.

Christina WhiteBoss Babe

Before I starting working with Nikyla I had so much self-doubt, my negative internal talk was almost constant:

I’m not good enough

I don’t deserve this

I can’t do this

I’m useless

I’m a fake

All of these and more were what I’d tell myself on a daily basis – even though to the outside world I would appear, confident, self assured, in control – this couldn’t have been further from the truth, it was just the ME I chose to show the world.

I felt like I was drowning on a regular basis.

Nikyla has helped me to be kind to myself, to love the QUEEN within me, to reach within and turn those negatives into positives, I won’t say that I’m perfect and speak kindly to my inner child all the time I don’t, but now I have the tools and self talk to turn the negatives into positives.

With Nikyla’s guidance I have been able to work with my limiting beliefs, change the way they have shaped me and helped me to become a stronger, more positive person on the inside not just as an appearance on the outside.

Nikyla is the true meaning of AUTHENTIC, she tells it how it is and doesn’t apologise ofr it, she show’s up as the QUEEN she is, she is always there to love and support me along my journey and is guiding me to show up as the best version of me everyday.

There have been days when I thought it was all too hard and I wanted to quit….but Nikyla wouldn’t hear of it, she would work with me to turn that negative to a positive, she was kind and patient when I needed it and tough when I needed tough….I will be forever grateful for the day this amazing QUEEN came into my life.

I highly recommend Nikyla, she is passionate, honest and authentic in everything she does.

Working with Nikyla is the best gift you will ever give yourself.

Jump in feet and all and start swimming.

Kaz WindonProgram Manager/Weight loss Coach

The inner child work I’ve done with Nikyla has been a game changer in my healing journey.

I’ve had numerous coaches, read tons of books and had years of counseling but I still was experiencing the freedom I was so fighting for and coaching others to experience.

The moment I met Nikyla I knew what was missing in all the years of inner work I had done. She introduced me to my inner children.

My inner children were in pain and they were running my life! Nikyla helped me connect with them, hear from them and gave me tools to heal them. I am experiencing a freedom I’ve never felt as a result of  the work I’m doing with Nikyla.

Before this work I depended and longed for others to give me the love and security I so desired. I always ended up let down and frustrated and started to believe that my life would always be hard and full of struggle.

Now I am giving myself what I need and am experiencing a life full of love and pleasure in my relationship with myself, others and in my business!!

Kathei McCoyFierce Freedom Facilitator

SHADOW P.L.A.Y. Includes…

Eight- 60 Minute Live Group Call

We will meet weekly via Zoom as you are guided through this powerful inward work.

Lifetime Access to all Live Session

Each of our 60-Minute Class calls with be recorded and stored into a membersite where you will have lifetime access to all content and bonuses.

Shamanic Journeys

Powerful Source inspired Shamanic Journey’s to facilitate your healing process.  

Digital Scrapbook

to optimize your experience pre & post session.

Experience various healing methods

Energy Healings, Shamanic Journeys, Inner Child Activations, breath-work, chakra clearing, and intentional guided journaling.

Private Facebook Community

to receive individual support and guidance 


Marco Polo Support.

Exclusive access to Nikyla Maria via Marco Polo (a video app) for the duration of the course.

Activation Lessons & Reflection Journal

to optimize your experience pre & post session.

Turning Inward Virtual Retreat ($333 value)

as a special bonus you will also get access to my Turning Inward Virtual retreat to dive deep into inward dialogue and self exploration.

Inner Child Workshop ($222 value)

as a special bonus you will also get access to my Turning Inward Virtual retreat to dive deep into inward dialogue and self exploration.

Awaken Your Abundance ($111 value)

you will also receive access to my powerful wealth consciousness workbooks and money activating meditations.

Intro to Alchemy Workbook ($47 value)

you will receive a copy of my 40 Page E Book to learn how to turn the shit in your life into gold!

Shamanic Journey’s

within your member portal you will have exclusive access to over a dozen powerful shamanic journeys.

Dive into the Shadow Realm and PLAY… It’s time to reclaim your life and REMEMBER who you are!

One Time Fee of $666

* Payment Plans Available *

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